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OFEK Elevated Works Solutions Ltd provides a wide range and variety of tools for works at height, for any period of rental time.

The company offers a wide range of platforms for safe work in heights: Vertical Lifts, electric or diesel Scissors Lifts,Telescopic Boom Lifts, electric or diesel Articulating Boom Lifts.The Lifting platforms differ from 5.5 meters to 43 meters.

We also have forklifts for rent - electric forklifts, diesel-powered forklifts and agricultural forklifts, telescopic handlers and Rotating Telehandlers.

The tools are used for a wide range of options and solutions for working at heights, designed to improve work efficiency and create a safe working environment in accordance with international standards and the Israeli standard.

Our rental fleet includes the leading manufacturers in the field of high-altitude work.

Beyond the rental of high altitude equipment, used equipment can be purchased from existing inventory.

OFEK Elevated Works Solutions Ltd is located in Haifa Bay, and emphasizes personal service and professional guidance throughout the entire period of the contract.

To contact us:
Address: 55 Ashaish st. Haifa, 2620413
Mailing address: P.O.B. 10179, Haifa, 2611101
Tel: 972-4-8721460
Fax: 972-4-8720014
Cell: 972-54-5474070
Email: office@ofeklift.com

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טל': 04-8721460
טל': 04-8721460
פקס: 04-8720014
פקס: 04-8720014
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ימים א'-ה': 08:00-17:00
יום ו': 08:00-13:00
שבת: סגור

כתובתנו: השיש 55, מפרץ חיפה, מיקוד: 2620413

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